Thursday, February 17, 2011

vampires part2.

Hi! Thanks for comments last time and your favourites . So let's continue !

III.  Blade
 Yep,I had to add him after your many requests ;D
 He is is a fictional character, a superhero vampire hunter in the Marvel Comics universe. Most known from movies where he was played by Wesley Snipes.
In fact he is half-vampire - Dhampir. Ehh what more... he is so cool ^^

 IV.  D.
   This character fascinated me after watching Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.It's Japanese anime horror film.
D is also a Dhampir as like Blade but in movie translation from jap. is mistake and he is dunpeal.
 He possesses inhuman strength and speed. He suffers from "heat syndrome" when exposed to sunlight for too long, and, being part vampire, has a thirst for blood.
I really want to recomend this movie at least for fantastic soundtrack which really fits to every scene.

 V.   Edward Cullen
ok just for fun xD

VI.  Selene 
Mmm.. who else think she is quite hot ? ^^                        

 VII. Vampire-girls from VanHelsing 
 Same as Selene ^^

Ok that's all! I hope you like them! Please comment who u like most .


  1. I loled with the inclusion of the twilight's vampire xD

    Very good blog you have here following

  2. I really liked the original Vampire Hunter D. movie.

  3. The creepy one continues to be the Dracula

  4. still no angel!!!
    i go with blade!

  5. Nice that you put up both Selene. Now where is Gary Oldman?

  6. don't forget Lesbian Vampire Killers ;D

  7. never wow tgc but magic the gathering is awesome .
    I bet you played it before since it is most known tgc .
    What is the difference between Magic and Wow tgc's ?

  8. God, Kate Beckinsale is one of the hottest girls out there. Especially in Click. Nice post, I'm glad you didn't forget about Blade.

  9. I believe I will stick with D and Blade. Thanks though. ahaha

  10. Blade would slap all of these bitches around.

  11. the first blade movie was so good... cant say the same for 2 and 3 especially 2 such an awful movie

  12. Those vampire girls are hot and what channel do they show Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust? It looks interesting...

  13. I gotta go with Kate Beckinsale all the way. There's no way in hell I'd ever trick Selene into eating garlic bread!